About us

Johan Roggeman

Cameraman - owner

Johan has more than 30 years of experience in broadcast and corporate video. Known for his hands-on approach, Johan gets the shots for the perfect end result. Quality and speed are his most important assets.


Bjorn Vromant is a bachelor in journalism. He learned the tricks of the trade at different national and international television networks. As a born problem-solver, Bjorn makes sure everything works and runs smoothly. With his BOSIET-certification, he is also responsible for camera work on board of offshore vessels. 

Bjorn Vromant

Camera Assistant - Editor

Guy Vanderschelden

Freelance Drone Pilot

Guy Vanderschelden is an award-winning pilot of both RC helicopters and drones. With over 30 years of experience, Guy has flown for both corporate and movie purposes. For our aerial shoots, Guy has been our partner since many years. He also is BOSIET-certified to go offshore.

What We do

Television News

On a daily basis, our crew is in contact with the national broadcast VRT. We deliver facilities from start to finish, from cameraman to edited news subject.


Both industrial and corporate videos make it easy for your organisation to give a lot of information in a fluent way. Together with you, we make the puzzle fit; from cameras, to graphics and publication.

Aerial Shooting

Whether it's drone or cineflex, we make sure you get the best aerial pictures for your budget. With the eye on safety, we make sure our flights go fast and with precision.

In-House Post-Production

Our Avid Media Composer Suite ensures a fluid workflow for every file delivery. Next to video editing, our suite is also equiped with graphics station and color grading hardware.

On Location Editing

Do you want to see immediate result? No Problem! We bring our mobile editing van to your company, so you can view and judge the footage just moments after shooting.

Graphics Department

Graphics are an essential part of corporate video. It gives your video that extra touch needed to explain or emphasise a subject. We create the graphics on the spot together with our clients.



  • Koning Albert I-laan 167, 8200 Sint-Michiels, BE
  • johan@broadcastassistance.be
  • +32 (0) 50 39 31 33
  • +32 (0) 475 79 31 32
  • BTW: BE0459993301